Our Mission

Motion Arts Temora brings together artists in the fields of film, theatre and photography. We encourage advancements in the community theatre and increase awareness and participation of existing activities.

If this sparks your interest, or you’d like to try something new and exciting, come along to Motion Arts Temora and meet a group of like-minded individuals.

Board Members

Chris Watson
Chris WatsonPresident
Susan Hunn
Susan HunnVice President
Margaret Sleigh
Margaret SleighTreasurer
Jodie Cameron
Jodie CameronPublicity Officer
Scott Hayman
Scott HaymanSecretary

Join the fun and become part of Temora’s vibrant performing arts community. Engaging with a community theatre group offers you an excellent chance to meet new people and participate in the exciting performance both front and back of stage

Committee Members

Ben Rayner
Ben RaynerCommittee Member
Mack Linnane
Mack LinnaneCommittee Member
Jenelle Hayman
Jenelle HaymanCommittee Member
Robina Moore
Robina MooreCommittee Member
Jemma Vaughan
Jemma VaughanCommittee Member

Get Connected

Have you ever wanted to perform on stage, or ever wished to perform again?

If you answered yes, please contact us or follow us on social media to find out our next social night.